Discover Morocco's Best-Kept Beauty Secret

Experience the magic of Aker Fassi as it revitalizes and enhances your lips and cheeks for a timeless, natural beauty

Voted #1 Most wanted Lipstain of 2023

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What is Aker Fassi?

Aker Fassi is a natural pigment made from dried poppy petals and pomegranate rind that has been used as a cosmetic by Moroccan Berber women for centuries.

Known for their moisturising, softening, and anti-toxin properties, these natural ingredients have been cherished for generations

What is Roser Water ?

Rosewater is a naturally scented water made from fresh rose petals and steams distilled.

Known for its soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory properties, this versatile floral water has been used for centuries for cosmetic and medical purposes.

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Punica granatum (pomegranate) rind, Poppy petal   


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  • 2 in 1 Lips And Cheeks

    it's not just for your lips, this versatile product also works wonders on your cheeks.

  • Organic

    Made from crushed poppy petals, it's as natural as possible.

  • Cruelty free

    Hand made in cruelty free factories

  • Long-Lasting

    Enjoy vibrant color all day, with minimal touch-ups required.

  • Step One

    Start with a clean face for a fresh canvas.

  • Step Two

    Spray rose water on the lipstick for a smoother, Hydrating application.

  • Step Three

    Use a lip brush or fingertip to apply Aker Fassi lipstick for a natural, moisturized look.

Rediscover Tradition 💋

Aker Fassi isn't just about color; it's about embracing nature's gifts. It not only imparts a beautiful tint but also carries moisturizing, softening, and anti-toxin properties. This traditional beauty secret has now become a global sensation, thanks to TikTok.

Our Heritage, Your Beauty.

In the heart of Morocco, our artisans carefully select the finest natural ingredients, passed down through the ages, to create products that reflect the Moroccan charm.

With every purchase, you not only receive a product but a piece of our love, a piece of our story.