A natural, vegan terra-cotta lip stain for your cheeks and lips from Moroccan traditions.

For you, and only you

Moroccan Lipstain Aker Fassi | with Terracotta Clay Pot

Aker Fassi is a powder made from naturally dried poppy petals and pomegranate rind.

For centuries, Moroccan women used this powder mixed with rose water with a drop of argan oil to create a homemade lip stain for lips and cheeks.


What’s so great about Aker Fassi?

-Blends and builds beautifully
-Long lasting natural blush
-Gives a soft and healthy flush
-Fun application
-Radiant color with a dewy finish

Have you heard

What do they say about us? 

It is so pigmented! I love it. I still have to put it to the test as far as kiss-proof, food-proof and mask-proof but so far I am in love! The picture is one coat
- Emily R.

I saw this on TikTok and thought I’d give it a try! It’s a really clever and natural way to add a pop of color to your lips. I used argan oil and a lip brush to transfer and build the color, and it only stayed on my lower lip. It took a few tries to get the color to be an even tone. After scrubbing it off, color still remained on part of my bottom lip. Overall, it’s a neat, traditional beauty product, just not for me. :) Shipping is great! Packaged nicely with bubble wrap. Give it a try! You might like it! 💋💋
- Hayley M.

I was interested in flower petal based makeup and finally found this one! Very buildable and universal color, easy and fun to apply and natural-looking when you want it to be! I usually don't wear red lip but this was not an intimidating color for me! Very matte finish so it can be dressed up for a fancier look.
- Tamara L.

Aker fassi turned out to be a great experiment for me! This is me in light makeup with aker fassi on the lips and cheeks. My undertones are cool, but I think the color would flatter cool or warm skin tones. I like it best as a blush. It builds really well on the lips, anywhere from a slightly candy-stained pink to a bold red. The one thing I don't love: it tends to be a bit messy, leaving red marks on the counter and sink. These wipe right up without staining, though, so no worries. Just lay a towel down on the sink and don't get it on your blouse.
- Delilah R.

Wow! So much pigment! I’ve been looking for the perfect red lip and all I have to say is my search is over!
- Carol O.

The most beautiful red clay pots. I bought them as gifts for my bridesmaids. They come in a beautiful sheer black bag with a little black applicator brush. So elegant. I can't wait to give it to them!
- Susanna B.

How to use it?

Cheek: Soak a brush (or finger) in water or oil, rub it lightly on the terra cotta and apply to the cheeks.

Lip: Soak a brush (or finger) in water or oil, rub it lightly on the terra cotta and apply to the lips.